CEF Scholarships Heading 2021

2021 Application

Open December 18, 2020- March 19, 2021


Application Process

The application is open December 18, 2020 through March 19, 2021. Applicants will complete a general application (similar to a "common app"), and select criteria related to their involvement, background, and future plans (i.e. participation in a club, attendance at a particular elementary school, or intended course of study in college, etc.). 

It will be helpful for students to review the 2021 CEF Scholarship Directory prior to applying. The directory is organized by general categories (links below) and the application generally follows this format. If a scholarship requires an essay, the topic and word count (300-550 words) is listed in the directory. Applicants may prepare responses ahead of time and paste them into the application.

The CEF Scholarship Instructions should be reviewed prior to starting an application. Please note that ONLY students may complete an application. Parents may provide guidance, but may not submit an application on behalf of a student. 

Students may qualify for multiple CEF scholarships, but may only be awarded one.  It is the intent of the selection committee to award each recipient with the highest dollar award possible.


Applicants will learn if they have received a scholarship in mid-May. All applicants will be notified by an email from the Foundation. Scholarships will be presented to recipients at the CHS Community Award Night on Thursday, May 20, 2021 (pending status of public event guidelines).  

Recipients will be provided with contact information for the donor who has funded their scholarship. We ask that all recipients take the time to thank these individuals with a hand-written note. Scholarship checks, made payable jointly to the student and the school they will be attending, will be mailed in mid-June. The bursar, or other school representative, will need to co-endorse the checks.  Scholarship funds may be used toward tuition, housing, books, fees, or other education related expenses. 

2021 CEF Application- december 18, 2020- march 19, 2021

The following links provide an overview of what activities applicants may have been/are involved with which may make them eligible for a carmel Education Foundation Scholarship: