Intensive Behavior Support Program

The Intense Behavior Support Programs have the ability to reduce many of the global frustrations a student faces daily in their neighborhood school, leaving space to gain the skills necessary for success in all environments. The Intense Behavior Support Programs of Carmel Clay Schools are housed throughout Carmel Clay Schools:

  • College Wood Elementary
  • Mohawk Trails Elementary
  • Prairie Trace Elementary
  • Carmel Middle School
  • Carmel High School

Integrated Approach

Our programs are designed to provide needed support and services for students to work on the skills and strategies needed to be successful in the general education environment and in life. The Carmel Clay Behavior Support Team work in all buildings coaching, modeling and problem solving with staff and the struggling student. Family and administrative case conference committees collaborate to determine placement. The district program is staffed with 10 certified teachers, two licensed clinical social workers, and instructional assistants who are committed to helping all students reach their potential. Staff meet regularly for professional development and collaboration. 

Our passion is to recognize the worth of each individual and empower all to understand challenging behaviors and emotions so everyone can flourish. We do this through providing:

each individual a voice
a safe and supportive community
structure and predictability while being flexible
skill building in Skills for Success