Staff Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Suggestions

Here are some other ideas of things that you can do during this special week to show your appreciation to our wonderful teachers:

  • Check out the staff profiles button below to learn some of your teacher’s favorite things and use this for inspiration in getting a gift for them.

Staff Favorites Profiles

  • Write your teacher a note or poem expressing why he/she is so special.
  • Write a list of five things you appreciate about your teacher, Possibly attach a photograph to personalize it.
  • Have your child(ren) make something.  This could be a food item or a gift!
  • Tweet a positive shout out to your teacher and tag @CherryTreeElem and @CTEPTO or give them a shout out on Facebook or Instagram and tag them in a heartfelt post!

We look forward to a great week of showing the teachers how grateful we are for all of their hard work!

Thank you!
The PTO Teacher Appreciation Week Committee

Please contact the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Co-Chairpersons, Meredith Loughmiller, or Abby Kruse with any questions.

Saying THANK YOU to the Cherry Tree Staff

If you would like to thank any of the valuable CTE staff for what they do for your child and family, the 2020-2021 Carmel Clay Recognition Calendar for is as follows: 

September 21-26th - Custodial and Maintenance Staff Recognition Week
October 16th - "National Boss Day"- Administrative/Managerial Staff Recognition Day
October 19-23rd - Bus Drivers, Bus Monitors, and Bus Mechanics Recognition Week
November 18th - Education Support Staff Recognition Day (All Instructional Assistants, Special Services, Computer Technicians, Interpreters, Job Coaches, AVID Tutors)
January 11-15th - School Board Recognition Week
February 1-5th - School Counseling Recognition Week (Counselors, Student Services Coordinators, Social Workers)
March 8-12th - Food Service Staff Recognition Week
April 5-9th - Media Specialists Recognition Week
April 21nd - Administrative Professionals Recognition Day (Secretarial and Clerical Staff)
May 3th-7th - Teacher Appreciation Week (Teachers, Edu-care staff, Psychologists, Therapists and Substitutes)
May 3rd - National School Nurse Recognition Day
May 9-15th - National Police Recognition Week (SRO, Building Monitors, Traffic))