Patriots Fall Fundraiser

Help the PTO raise funds for Cherry Tree! 

Cherry Tree's Boosterthon fundraiser will take place Thursday, September 15, 2021.  

Our students will collect donations from friends and family to help meet our goal of $30,000 for teacher wish lists, innovative classroom improvements, Family Fun Night, soccer field updates and more. Past projects include the walking track and gaga pit additions. We’ve asked our friends at Booster to power our fundraiser to make it more profitable, fun, and easy for everyone! After 10 days of fundraising, we celebrate our success during our school Fun Run. Supporters from all over the world can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps students will run on the day of the Fun Run.

Heres what all students can get excited about:

  • Fun, engaging character development lessons
  • A high-energy event to give our school a much needed boost of fun!

If your family feels its not in the position to financially support the school, thats ok. Families can actually support our school by also SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and family online. Sharing IS supporting. 

Key dates to remember: 


      Register on MYBOOSTER.COM

  • EVENT DAY - 9/24

Thank you for supporting Cherry Tree through the Cherry Tree Fun Run!


earn a $2/lap of $60 flat donation over the weekend and earn a bonus prize