HH 11/4/2022

November 4, 2022   *   Edition 7

Important Dates



7 - 11 Food Drive
8 Dine to Donate - Marco's Pizza
9 Dine to Donate - Rose & Lois
10 Deadline for Art to Remember orders
11 Veteran's Day Performance, 1:30pm
14 - 21 Fall Book Fair
15 Dollars & Cents Fundraiser - Penn & Beech
16 Dine to Donate - Rose & Lois

Education Support Professionals Day


Late Start

18 Hawks Herald
21 Grandfriend's Event - 3-5pm
21 Thanksgiving Raffle for PTE teachers
23 - 25 Thanksgiving Break - No School
23 Dine to Donate - Rose & Lois
30 Late Start
30 Dine to Donate - Rose & Lois

Dear Prairie Trace Families, 

Wow, we are into November! Our students have accomplished so much thus far, and I’m so happy you were able to meet with your teachers to hear about their achievement thus far. I appreciate all of your support during conferences and taking time out of your daily schedules to meet with the teachers. Sharing learning goals, achievements, concerns, and building a relationship with the school staff is a great way to ensure each student’s success.  

Many thanks to our many parent volunteers during our recent activities. We appreciate your time chaperoning field trips, helping out in the classroom and cafeteria, and supporting PTO by helping with the fall parties. A special shout out to the parents who provided staff dinners on the evening of Parent Teacher Conferences.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your continued patience with the new carpool system. Please continue to review your family number with your children. We continue to reiterate how important it is that students are quiet in the cafeteria, so all students can hear and see their numbers. If there is a lull in the line, it is normally due to kids not hearing their numbers. Encourage your child to “listen up”, so you can get home quickly too! 

As the days become colder, please send a warm jacket, hat and mittens/gloves for your child. We are outside unless the temperature gets below 20 degrees. Remember to label all items to help students find their clothing after lunch and recess. We do not want our Lost and Found to continue to overflow.  

The following are some important dates to remember:

  • Nov. 7-11:  Hamilton County Food Drive; First graders take CogAt assessment  

  • Nov. 8:  Dine to Donate Marco’s (rescheduled date)

  • Nov. 9:  Rose and Lois Dine to Donate; Hearing Screenings for grades K, 1, and 4

  • Nov. 10:  Art to Remember forms due

  • Nov. 11:  Third Grade Veteran’s Day Program 1:30; Vision Screening for grades 1, 3, 5
    If you are attending the program and taking your child home after it, please make sure you change School Dismissal Manager! 

  • Nov. 14-21:  Book Fair; Support Staff Week 

  • Nov. 14:  Spell Bowl at Woodbrook 4:00 PM

  • Nov. 15:  Penn and Beech Dollars and Scents 

  • Nov. 16:  Late Start; Rose and Lois Dine to Donate 

  • Nov. 21:  GrandFriends Day 3:00-5:00 PM

Thanks for all of your support!

Kim Piper

Dear Prairie Trace Families:

In case you hadn't heard, our neighbor to the east, Conner Prairie, is planning an extentsive expansion project. Some of you may have received information on this project, but we wanted to share the information that is publicly available. We encourage you to learn more about this project as it will directly impact the area immediately around Prairie Trace Elementary School.

conner prairie west side expansion

proposed location map

documents submitted to city of carmel

First page of the PDF file: PrairieTraceDinetoDonate2022_1

Please help us thank our wonderful PTE teachers and staff. All items donated will be part of a raffle and every team member will walk away feeling appreciated! 

sign up here!


First page of the PDF file: APznzabFx8zViyfu_KRp_JEwMM5iybAlVDdqply8Z-H5R9HwltFdDJ9iBfWGfYnSE7I-Tii991QqvzzxHqP6i7pPqZVF9_PR7