HH 2/10/2023

February 10, 2023  *   Edition 13

Important Dates


15 Crafter's - Dine to Donate
20 President's Day - No School
22 Late Start
22 Crafter's - Dine to Donate
24 Hawks Herald
28 Spring Pictures


7 City BBQ - Dine to Donate
8 Late Start
10 Hawks Herald
13 - 17 Food Service Staff Week
17 Dance Marathon
22 Late Start
24 Hawks Herald
26 PTE Indy Fuel Family Night
28 4th Grade Music / Dance Event
28 General PTO Meeting

Check out our PTE Student Art at the All District Art Show at the Main Library!


Dear Prairie Trace Families, 

I’m so happy with the progress our students are making this year! I have had the pleasure of meeting with each teacher this week and reviewing NWEA data for the students with them. We are seeing great growth in our students in Math and Reading. Our school improvement goals are in reading, and we want to continue to make sure our students are reading each night at home! Take some time to read before bed, have them read to you in the car, or take some time each night for family reading time instead of a show. It really is nice to turn off the devices and have that special time together! 

Thank you to our PTO for organizing and leading the Valentine’s Day parties today. The students had a great time, and they love seeing all of the different notes they get from their peers. Because we had our parties today, we will simply celebrate the actual Valentine’s Day by wearing red and promoting kindness.  

Carpool has been awesome this week! We have noticed a big difference with students being in class and ready to learn on time. Thank you for adjusting your schedules in the morning, so students are in, and teachers can start their lessons right after announcements.  

Our students are definitely used to bringing their Chromebooks to and from school each day. Thank you for ensuring that it is charged each and every day. We are seeing an increase in damaged computers, so please make sure your students are carrying them in their backpacks and with two hands when transporting them.  

This month we are focusing on listening as our strong leadership attribute. We are discussing how important it is to be a good listener, and not always be the talker. This is a great attribute you can take into your own homes as well. I know my own children often try to talk over one another.  Here is a tip I learned and taught them: Yhey need to listen and be able to say the last letter of what the previous speaker said before responding. It really forces them to pay attention to what others are saying instead of interrupting. Try it at home and help us promote strong active listening skills! 

We have some great activities coming up at school in the near future.  I love that we are able to support our children in many different ways here at Prairie Trace! 

  • Feb. 13 - Orthodontists will be presenting to grade 2 about hygiene and taking care of their teeth! 

  • Feb. 14 - Wear festive colors and do something kind for someone! 

  • Feb. 15 - National SRO Day - help us celebrate Officer Harris!  He’s the best! 
    Dine to  Donate at Crafters - take the night off from cooking! 

  • Feb. 17 - Special speaker, Abe Lincoln, will visit grade 4 to speak to them about his ties to Indiana History! 

  • Feb. 20 - No School - Happy President’s Day! 

  • Feb. 22 - Late Start 

Thanks for all you do for our PTE community!  I’m so thankful to be with such a great group of students, staff, and parents! 

Kim Piper 

First page of the PDF file: APznzabFx8zViyfu_KRp_JEwMM5iybAlVDdqply8Z-H5R9HwltFdDJ9iBfWGfYnSE7I-Tii991QqvzzxHqP6i7pPqZVF9_PR7