HH 3/24/2023

March 24, 2023  *   Edition 16

Important Dates


26 PTE Indy Fuel Family Night
28 4th Grade Music / Dance Event

General PTO Meeting

29 Pups Running sign ups due!
March 31 -
April 9
NO SCHOOL - Spring Break 


7 Hawks Herald
11 Kindness Convocation with Colts Blue
12 Late Start
12 Math Bowl - Grades 4 & 5
14 PTE Cultural Fair
April 17 -
May 12
iLearn Testing - Grades 3 - 5
19 Pizzology - Dine to Donate

Hawks Herald

21 Parents Night Out - Trivia Night!
26 Administrative Professionals Day
26 Late Start
28 Pink for Pulley

general PTO meeting - March 28th

Everyone is invited to attend the general PTO meeting on March 28 at PTE. Childcare will be provided during the meeting. If you would like to volunteer to help with childcare, please sign up using the Sign-Up Genius. Thank you for your dedication to our school!

help with child care during the meeting

First page of the PDF file: PupRunningFlyerTrack2023-JulieTrump

silent auction items needed! 

Each grade is putting together a basket for the silent auction for our Parents Night Out even on April 21, 2023. Some grades still need help! Find your grade below or contact your Head Room Parent for more information. Thank you for your help!






Dear Parents/Guardians of Prairie Trace Elementary,

You should be so proud of our PTE student body! They are amazing students who come to school each and every day striving to do their best.  From raising over $6,000 for Riley to demonstrating leadership skills in and out of the classroom, we are impressed every single day. Recently, I’ve been able to tour many people through PTE, and every person is so impressed with the maturity and insight of our students. Thank you for sending your great children to school every day to be with us!  

We are into the last quarter of school. I can’t believe it! Where did this school year go? This is the time when students are ready to play outside and start thinking about summer. Please continue to encourage your children to read at home each night and practice their math facts. It is important that we work until the very end of the year, and we don’t let that lapse even into the summer. Take some time to review their recently checked out books from the library with your child. Work on math flash cards or fact triangles with them to increase their automaticity of math facts. This all transfers into the classroom, and kids really do love this time with you at home! 

Students in grades three through five will be taking the ILEARN assessment after spring break. It is very important that they are in school and their chromebooks are charged for the assessments. The testing window for ILEARN is April 17th through May 12th. Please plan accordingly as we know it is always best if the students can take the assessments on the same day as their peers, and they don’t need to make them up. If students are ill or coming in late, please let the office know, so we can plan accordingly. We encourage students to eat a great breakfast and get a good night’s sleep during this time. It's also great if they can get some exercise in the afternoons to release energy after these long days!  

As many of you know, Mrs. Rhyner, our social worker, had a beautiful baby girl at the beginning of the month. This was earlier than expected, so I’m continuing to work with the district on a replacement for this position. If you have questions that would typically go to the social worker, please send them to the front office or me. We will do our best to get you the information and resources you need.  

The following awesome activities are planned for your students in the near future:

  • March 26th:  PTE Indy Fuel Game 3:00 

  • Match 28th:  4th Grade Music Informance for families at 6:00p, followed by a PTO Meeting at 6:30pm (childcare will be provided) 

  • March 31-April 7th:  Spring Break - Have fun and read some great books! 

  • April 11th:  Kindness Convocation with Colts Blue!  

  • April 12th:  Late Start 

  • April 14th:  International Festival at PTE 5:00-7:00 PM 

In closing, Mrs. Browne and I hope you have a wonderful spring break! Take some time to relax with one another and have fun! Take some time for kindness and gratitude too. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve our students, staff, and families at Prairie Trace Elementary School, and I can’t wait to finish the year strong! 

Be well,

Kim Piper

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