The Mane Event Carnival

Come One, Come All, The Mane Event Carnival is coming to Woodbrook on Friday October 4th from 5:00pm-7:30pm. The outdoor area around Woodbrook will be transformed into a Carnival playground with games, music, food and fun for the entire family. 

In order to make this event a success, we need lots of volunteers,  we encourage all families to sign up for at least one slot, yes you can work a game with your family! Please feel free to sign up for more than one if you have the time.  7th/8th graders and high school students are welcome to volunteer as well. 

If you have any questions regarding the Carnival or volunteering opportunities, please contact Fayth or Kyle Jordan

Thanks for making the Carnival an event the kids will always remember!

1, 2, 3 4, 
We declare a 
Monday, September 23-Friday September 27th
Let’s get excited about the Carnival and have some fun raising money to get your favorite teacher, aide, Principal, or maybe even Leo the Lion into the Lion’s Den (jail)

Each classroom will have their own bucket for collecting money
Monday, September 23rd bring in your Pennies
Tuesday, September 24th bring in your Nickels
Wednesday, September 25th bring in your Dimes
Thursday, September 26th bring in your Quarters
Friday, September 27th bring in your Dollars

Each class that raises $50 gets to choose what teacher, aide or Principal they want to put in the Lion’s Den the night of the Carnival (Friday October 4th) 
Time in Lion’s Den is limited to 10 min
Teachers, aides, Principals can only be in the den once!