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The school budget represents the educational program of a school community translated into dollar need (expenditures). The budget covers a calendar year, January 1st to December 31st. 

Five Budgeted Funds:

Education Fund: Payment for expenses for student instruction and learning, such as salaries, benefits, supplies, utilities, etc.
Operation Fund: Transportation, Bus Replacement, Capital Projects, Construction, Repair of Buildings and Grounds and Technology.
Operating Referendum: Additional funds used for student instruction and learning, Human Resources, Business Office, Utilities, Custodial and Maintenance.
Safety Operating Referendum Fund: The employment or compensation of school resource officers for all school buildings; programs to address youth specific mental illness for all students; and professional development programs for teachers, administrators, and other school employees designed to improve school safety and reduce violence.
Debt Service Fund: Pay debt incurred by the corporation, mostly facilities.

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