Counseling & Social Work

Emergency Intervention

If you are in immediate danger please contact 911 or dial 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

StopIt Anonymous Reporting

Students, parents, and community members are encouraged to use our anonymous reporting system, StopIt, to notify school administration about a student or individual in need of assistance, potential threats, or danger. If you see something, please say something, so that we can do something. 

Systems of Support

Counseling Pyramid



  • Skills for Success

  • Mental health literacy/suicide prevention work

  • Body safety lessons

  • Bullying lessons

  • Conscious discipline/supportive approaches

  • Neuroscience

  • Support from school social workers, school counselors, and SROs


  • School social workers and school counselors

  • Supportive plans for students who are struggling with social, emotional, and/or mental health issues

  • Mental health crisis response/support

  • Includes ensuring the psychological safety of staff and students


  • Partnership with Ascension St. Vincent

  • Specialized mental health supports

  • Risk assessments (suicide or threat) with students

  • 504 or special education testing/support

Defining the Roles