High Ability

In keeping with the mission of Carmel Clay Schools to effectively meet the educational needs of all students, rigorous programs are provided for high ability students whose general intellect and academic achievement are significantly beyond their peers.  These programs provide differentiated curriculum and instructional strategies especially designed to help high ability learners meet their individual potential.

Multiple delivery systems meet a variety of student needs ranging from specific academic strengths to general intellectual giftedness. Students may receive differentiated instruction within the regular classroom for subject specific strengths. In Middle School, Honors courses in English/Language Arts and Mathematics are designed for students with content specific academic strengths that are two or more years above grade level. Advanced Math placement is also available to qualified students in grades Kdg-8.  Carmel High School offers Honors, Advanced Placement, Advanced College Project, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme courses to accommodate a variety of needs among high ability learners.

The elementary program, Advanced Math, and middle school honors courses require formal identification procedures, but high school students may self-select Advanced Placement, Advanced College Project, and International Diploma Baccalaureate Program with advice from a teacher or guidance counselor.

High Ability Information

Elementary School

All 11 Carmel Clay elementary schools offer services to provide a rigorous academic experience for high ability students. These services provide the following opportunities to maximize individual potential:  

  • Basic skills compacted to eliminate unnecessary repetition
  • Accelerated pacing and advanced materials
  • Hands-on investigations and research
  • Choice/options of differentiated learning activities
  • Emphasis on creative/critical thinking skills

Throughout elementary school, language arts instruction is differentiated within existing literacy curriculum to meet a wide range of student abilities and needs. 

Kindergarten Math Explorations and Advanced Math in grades 1-5 provide differentiated instruction in mathematics for high ability learners through accelerated and enriched math experiences, aligned with above grade level mathematics standards and expectations. 

To be identified as high ability, students must earn the required score on an achievement, ability, or qualitative assessment.

Middle School

Advanced Mathematics
An Advanced Mathematics sequence of study is offered for students who have mastered their grade level standards and are prepared to be accelerated to the next course (one year above grade level). Students in this sequence of study complete Algebra I in eighth grade and earn high school credit. To qualify for Advanced Mathematics courses, students must earn the required scores on a standardized achievement assessment, such as NWEA, district end-of-course assessments and course grades.

Honors Mathematics
Honors Mathematics courses are designed to accelerate and enrich high ability students whose instructional level is at least two years above grade level. Honors Mathematics courses offer differentiated curriculum, materials, and instructional methods and focus on advanced content, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students currently enrolled in Advanced Math may qualify for Honors Math by earning the required scores on a standardized achievement test, such as NWEA, and district end-of-course assessments. 

Most students in the Honors Mathematics sequence of study complete Honors Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra I, and Honors Geometry, although a few may complete additional courses as commensurate with their ability. Students earn weighted high school credit for Honors Algebra I and Honors Geometry.

Secondary Mathematics Course Sequence

Honors English/Language Arts
Honors English/Language Arts courses offer differentiated curriculum, materials, and instructional methods and focus on advanced content, problem solving, and critical thinking.

To qualify for Advanced/Honors courses students must earn the required score(s) on achievement, ability, and/or qualitative assessment(s).

High Ability Handbook

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