Additional Construction Updates

CHS Explosion:

On December 26, 2018, Carmel High School had a natural gas explosion that caused significant damage to CHS and injured two maintenance workers. The areas impacted by the explosion included the roof, the Fieldhouse, varsity gym, wrestling room, athletic offices and stairwells, locker rooms, and Greyhound Station.   

A great number of people teamed up immediately after the explosion to minimize the impact on our students. Practices continued, schedules were adapted, and routines were kept as normal as possible. Meanwhile, damage was assessed, critical systems were re-engineered, equipment was replaced, and logistics were planned so that the building would be ready for students as they returned from winter break.

Adversity tends to bring into focus what is important. People are important.  We may face some unexpected challenges and we will have to work around some inconvenience as we re-build, but our children and our people are safe and for that we continue to be extremely thankful.

CHS Explosion Photos December 2018

inside school explosion
roof explosion CHS
stairwell CHS
drone roof footage CHS explosion
drone roof damage CHS roof
CHS gym explosion
CHS entrance explosion

January 2019 Clean Up Begins

fencing outside
fencing outside
temp roof
varsity gym
clean up hallway

May 2019 Update

At the May 20, 2019 Regular Session School Board Meeting, the CCS School Board approved the recommendation to declare an emergency for the completion of repairs to Carmel High School and award the quotes for the Carmel High School Emergency Repairs as follows:

Bid Category and Contractor Contractor Base Bid
1 General Trades JBM Contractors Corporation $1,415,000
2 Masonry Complete Masonry Services 328,300
3 Roofing Skyline Roofing & Sheet Metal 221,580
4 Mechanical Johnson Melloh, Inc. 448,570
5 Electrical Electric Plus, Inc. 338,682
    TOTAL AWARD $2,752,132


In accordance with “Indiana Code 36-1-12-9 Emergencies; contracts by invitation”, the Board upon declaration of an emergency may contract for a public work without advertising for bids or quotes, if bids or quotes are invited from at least two (2) persons known to deal in the public work to be done. The minutes of the board must show the declaration of the emergency and the names of the persons invited to bid or provide quotes.

These quote award recommendations includes work at Carmel High School for final repairs and reconstruction of areas damaged due to the explosion in an upper level mechanical room in the area of entrance 17 that affected several adjacent spaces.

Quotes were received on April 30, 2019 at 9:00 AM local time. The district solicited quotes from 41 contractors with seven responding. The award recommendation is based on the lowest, responsive and responsible quote that met specifications. Attached is a tabulation of quotes received and a letter of recommendation from The Skillman Corporation.

The low quote for quote package 3 - Roofing submitted by Amos Exteriors is not recommended for award as they were unable to meet all requirements of the specifications.

Prior to receiving the above quotes, initial emergency repairs were made to secure and enclose the building and restore emergency exiting and certain support systems such as hot water and fire safety. These costs are described below.

Declaration of Emergency and Quote Awards – Carmel High School Emergency Repairs


Contractor Contract Description of Work
Jones Electric Services, Inc. $ 20,442.06 Repairs to lighting and power circuits
Jackson Control Company, Inc. 286.78 Materials for CCS completed repairs
Koorsen Fire & Security 20,407.94 Fire alarm and sprinkler system repairs
Hoosier Glass 3,014.00 Glass repair for building enclosure
The Skillman Corporation 2,906.93 Security fencing
Johnson-Melloh 205,844.77 Provided and installed two hot water heaters for domestic hot water. Plumbing for temporary gas service; piping for new water softeners.
Sagamore Gas & Appliances, Inc. 7,001,71 Propane gas tank and fuel for temporary gas service.
Runyon Equipment Rental 2,083.83 Equipment rental for repair work
Sunrise Energy Systems, Inc. 500.00 Piping for propane gas temporary service
Servpro 139,629.00 Initial clean-up and debris removal and temporary roofing
Tremco 1,775.94 Roof repairs
Sexson Mechanical Corporation 18,665.00 Temporary hot water heater and plumbing for Greyhound Station kitchen.
Buddenbaum & Moore, LLC 14,875.00 Provide and install pool water heater
Delta Water Management Group, Inc. 1,900.00 Demolish and remove damaged water softener.
Mahan Construction Corp. 82,194.97 Construct temporary walls and ceilings; restore lightly damaged ceilings        
The Skillman Corporation 65,502.82 Manage and site supervision for emergency repairs
Fanning Howey 78,577.13 Architectural and engineering services
TOTAL $665,607.88  

Quotes were requested from the following contractors for portions of the work, but they were either not the low quote or were unable to respond as needed for emergency repairs. All other above listed contracts were direct quotes.

Replacement of hot water heaters – Sexson Mechanical Corporation
Temporary walls and ceilings – Gibson Lewis of Indianapolis, LLC

All work to date and the contract award recommendations included in this report have been subject to review and approval by our property insurance carrier, Liberty Mutual. The total cost of the repair work is covered by insurance, except for a $75,000 deductible.