Edu-Care is a private center that serves children ages 6 weeks-5 years old whose parents are employed by Carmel Clay Schools. Edu-Care offers top-notch quality care for each child along with giving them excellent education such as, Handwriting Without Tears, Talking Drawing Writing, Literacy Express, and more. Meeting the needs of the child as a whole through each developmental area, such as social, emotional, physical, health and wellness, language, literacy, math, science, etc. is important to helping them reach their full potential. At Edu-Care, each of these milestones are imprinted in our students from the very beginning. Our curriculum starts as early as the infant and toddler rooms. Edu-Care is a firm believer that children learn best when they are engaged in their learning process. Children should be able to have the opportunity to explore, discover, experience, and learn about the world around them. We believe it is vital that educators of early childhood education implement and support a strong curriculum that fosters learning and growth in every aspect of development through hands-on learning.

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