Substitute Opportunities

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Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching at Carmel Clay Schools.  Substitute teachers are an integral part of our students’ learning process.

Consider joining our team as a substitute teacher if you are:

  1. Responsible, dedicated, passionate for teaching and learning
  2. Looking for a flexible position with opportunities throughout the year
  3. Have 30+ credit hours from an accredited college or university

Classroom & Resource Tools


Log in and select Substitute. Select the school and the teacher, and enter the password provided by the front office. 


Log in and select Staff. Use your network creditentials to access the CCS staff portal.

Absence Management

Carmel Clay Schools uses the Absence Management system to manage substitute files and employee absences.

Training & Onboarding

Carmel Clay Schools prioritizes substitute teacher training to ensure a confident and capable presence in the classroom. Our programs equip substitutes with the skills needed for a seamless educational experience. By investing in your preparation, we aim to create a positive environment for both our students and substitutes. 

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Attend Substitute Teacher Training. If your application is being considered, you will be contacted for an interview and/or invited to attend an informational substitute teacher training session. This is an unpaid informational training session. At the training session, you will be asked to provide documentation as listed below.
  3. Submit Criminal History Report. Upon completion of the training session, you may be provided a link to request a criminal history report. The fee for the criminal history report is approximately $25.00, depending upon previous address and name history. Please do not apply for the criminal history report or the substitute teaching permit until requested to do so. Proper links will be provided.
  4. Apply for Substitute Teaching Permit. Upon completion of the training session, you may be provided a link to obtain a Substitute Teaching Permit, if you are not a current Indiana licensed teacher.
  5. Employment as a substitute teacher is dependent upon successful completion of all aspects of the hiring process, including favorable results of a background report and favorable feedback from references.