Parent School Safety Academy

Parent School Safety Academy

Program Overview

The Parent School Safety Academy is a unique program to teach parents the school safety principles and fundamentals that guide response protocols in our schools. This program will not reveal details that would compromise safety at Carmel Clay Schools, but will provide parents with a basic understanding of school safety practices that will facilitate parental response in case of a crisis and allow for constructive feedback. During this interactive program, parent participants will learn about national and state safety practices, current trends in school safety and how these practices and trends impact safety planning at Carmel Clay Schools. Parent input will be integral during the program.

Eligible Participants

Participants in the Parent School Safety Academy must be the parent/guardian of a student attending Carmel Clay Schools and must also complete a background check. Participants will be required to submit an application for the program. Up to 20 participants will be selected per course offering. Vendor discussions and/or product promotions will not be supported in the program.

Session Description

Participants will complete a two-session training course focusing on the fundamentals of school safety including; legal requirements, best practices related to school violence, severe weather preparedness, access control, communications and reunification. Participants will also review key findings of the USDOE/Secret Service study, and components of effective implementation of a school safety plan. Participants must be available to attend both sessions. Students are children should not accompany parents to the program. 

Session Dates & Location

April 25, 2024
6 pm - 9 pm
Educational Services Center
5201 East Main Street


There is no cost for the program. A volunteer background check is required to participate. If you have not had a volunteer background for Carmel Clay Schools, the cost is $15.95. (Additional charges may accrue for background checks outside of Hamilton County).


The April 25 session is now full. Stay tuned for the next session in the fall. 


David Woodward
Director of Student Services