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For a full overview of Canvas, please visit our Getting Started with Canvas for Parents and Guardians course.


How do I sign up for a parent account (also called an observer account)?

How do I add additional students to my Canvas Parent/Observer account?

You only need one Canvas account to participate in all your students’ courses. Once you’ve created a Canvas account, follow these steps to add additional students.

From a computer:

From the iOS Canvas Parent App

From the Android Canvas Parent App

How do I get a pairing code?   

  • To get a Student Pairing Code, your student should log into Canvas to generate one. Student usernames and passwords for Canvas are the same ones they use to log into a computer at school.  
  • Pairing codes are valid for seven days or one use. 
  • Student Pairing Codes are case-sensitive.

How do I reset my password? 

Visit and select “Forgot Password”

Why can't I see all of my student's courses on my Canvas Dashboard on a computer?

You can mark Canvas courses as favorites so that they show up on your Dashboard

Why can’t I see all of my student’s courses from the app on my phone or tablet?

When logged into the app on your phone, select the gear icon (iOS) or plus sign icon (Android) at the top of the screen to select the desired courses to show on your dashboard. For more details, see the following Canvas guides: 

How do I enable notifications on my account?  

Please visit the Canvas guide available at to learn more about notifications.

Do students have to go through PowerSchool to log in to Canvas or can they login directly?

Students and parents may access Canvas in a variety of ways.  

Can I combine my Canvas staff account and parent Canvas account?

Canvas recommends keeping your staff and parent accounts separate.
Please consider registering for your own observer account using your personal email address.

I get an “Invalid credentials provided” or “Unknown observee” error when trying to add a student. What does this mean?

If you are receiving an 'invalid credentials' or an 'unknown observee' error, please verify the Student Pairing Code with your student. Codes expire 7 days after they were generated or after one use. Each observer account needs to use its own code. 

Which Canvas app should I use?

Parents and Observers can choose to use either the Canvas Student app or the Canvas Parent app. There are pros and cons to each app.

Canvas Student Canvas Parent
Access to more course content Streamlined view of course information by student

Which browsers are supported by Canvas?

Please see the following information from Canvas regarding currently supported browsers:

Why can’t I see all courses on the calendar?

The calendar in Canvas shows events for up to 15 courses at a time. You can choose which courses you see at any given time by following these instructions: The calendar in the Canvas app functions the same way.

I accidentally attached my personal Google Drive account to my student’s Canvas account. How do I remove it?

Please follow the instructions available at to remove ‘Google Drive LTI by Canvas’ from your list of authorized apps.

How do I change the default language in my Canvas account?

Please see this Canvas guide for instructions on changing the language:

Canvas Observer Guides 

Canvas 指南中文版 (Chinese)

Guías de Canvas (Spanish)

Guias Canvas (Portuguese - Brazil)

Manuels Canvas (French)

Canvas Help 

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