Classroom Technology Integration

Carmel Clay Schools values innovation in the classroom and teacher knowledge of new technological opportunities. The curriculum adoption process provides many technology tools for use within classrooms, with district-approved tools included in the Responsible Use Policy and Guidelines. 

Teachers can analyze new classroom technology tools and recommend their use within their classrooms. The tools listed below help teachers review privacy policies and terms of use for new apps, extensions, websites, or software they may wish to use within their classroom.

Before You Begin...Choose Your Tech Wisely!

  • Stick to tools designed with education in mind, especially if students are going to sign up and create accounts. Products that commercialize student learning are not recommended.
  • When you bring new tech into your classroom, be mindful about how the tools ask kids to sign up, enter personal information, or share anything online -- and choose products that minimize and avoid unnecessary information collection.
  • Avoid apps, games, or websites that seem focused on advertising.
  • Be cautious with tools that claim to be for education but are also aimed at consumers or the business world.

Source: Common Sense Media

Consider the following questions

  1. Does the tool align to Indiana standards?
  2. Is there another tool already approved that provides a similar function?
  3. What, if any, age restriction is there in order to use this tool? (e.g. not for children 13 and under)

Use the Block/Unblock form to request access to websites that ContentKeeper is blocking, or to request to add a site to the blocked list.

LearnPlatform Logo - A+ surrounded by a green and blue circle

Use LearnPlatform to see the list of district approved tools and to request access to new ones.