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Abigail Pagryzinski

Explore Canva Whiteboard in this week's Tech Drop!

Canvas icon
Abigail Pagryzinski

Learn how to recover recently deleted items in your Canvas course using this undelete tip!

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Abigail Pagryzinski

Create a keyboard shortcut to search your Google Drive directly in the Chrome Browser, eliminating the need to open Google Drive in a new tab!

Chrome Logo
Abigail Pagryzinski

The Google Chrome Reading Mode tool allows users to focus on just the text and removes pictures and ads. Users can also adjust color contrast and size, and change spacing while reading in the Chrome browser.

Canvas icon
Abigail Pagryzinski

With the new Google Assignment LTI 1.3 app in Canvas, users can create a template for students with a Google Doc, Google Slide, Google Drawing, and more!


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