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Bulk Create in Canva
Abigail Pagryzinski
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Users can now create multiple personalized versions of the same design using Bulk Create! This tool is excellent for creating certificates, name tags/plates, or labels with different student or teacher names. Follow the written directions below or watch this screencast

After creating a design in Canva, select Apps. Scroll down to Bulk Create.

Bulk Create icon in Canva Apps


A user can enter data manually or upload a CSV file. Uploading a CSV, especially if using data from Pinnacle or PowerSchool, is recommended. Review how to save a spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Upload CSV button with a red box


After uploading the CSV, Canva will identify the column headers as data fields. These fields are available to tag in the design. 


To connect an element in the design to a data field, right-click on the element (which contains a placeholder, such as name) and select Connect Data, then choose the field. In this example, we want the certificate to show the student's name. 

menu to create connection


After connecting the data, a “tag” will appear.

student name tag


Repeat this step to connect all the needed data fields. When finished, select Continue.

different data fields, top two with checkboxes

The next page will verify the connected data. If correct, select Generate (number) pages.

apply data to ten certificates


A new tab will open with the generated designs.


If printing is desired, select Share, then Download as a PDF. Upload the PDF to the Copy Center!

PDF print option and download

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