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Using Your Mobile Device as a Doc Cam
Kate Masterson

Mobile Device as Doc Cam

Want to show handwriting, a 3D object, a calculator, or something else while on a Zoom?

Did you know you can use Mirroring360 and your iPad or mobile phone (iOS or Android) as a Doc camera?

Here's how!

  1. Connect your mobile device to Mirroring360
  2. Open the camera app on your device (pro tip: mute all notifications). Secure in a DIY doc cam rig (optional).
  3. Then when on Zoom, select to share your screen, which is mirroring your mobile device!

iPhone Doc Cam Setup

Here's the quick little rig that I set up using some desk supplies I had on hand.*

Doc Cam setup using an iPhone and desk supplies

*feel free to substitute, based on the objects you have at hand 😉

iPhone Doc Cam in Action

Doc Cam in Action

Tips & Tricks

Put Mirroring360 in full-screen mode on your computer before screen sharing in Zoom

  1. Open Mirroring360 on your computer
  2. Select the gear to open settings
Mirroring360 settings
  1. Select Display > Display Mode > Full-Screen Mode
Mirroring360 Display settings



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