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Screencastify Recorder
Abigail Pagryzinski

Screencastify Recorder


What is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a screen recorder that's accessible right from the Chrome browser for staff and students!

Red box around the Screencastify extension in Google Chrome

Why use it?

Screencastify allows users to create all kinds of videos, for example:

  • Teachers explain directions on a project that students can pause or re-watch if needed.
  • Students record themselves completing a digital manipulative assignment and explain their thought process.
  • Students demonstrate their knowledge by creating an instructional video for their peers.
  • Staff members explain how to use a certain website or tool for another staff member, student, or parent/guardian.
  • Users digitally present slideshow presentations either as a practice for live presentation or as the final product!

How to use it

Select the Screencastify icon in the upper right of the Chrome Browser. In the pop-up panel, modify the settings as needed. Be sure to expand the Show more options menu to customize all of the available settings. Then, select Record.

Red circle around the screencastify extension logo showing the pop-up menu

In the pop-up, select the desired screen. Check the box next to Share system audio if you'd like the sounds from your device recorded, like sound effects, music, or a video sound. Then, select Share.

Share screen window with a red box around the desired screen, share system audio checkbox, and the share button.

A countdown will start (if selected in settings), and the recording will begin. The toolbar at the bottom allows users to modify mouse clicks and add rectangles, annotations, and stickers! Learn more about the tool bar by clicking the picture below.

Screencastify annotate toolbar

To stop the recording, either press the stop button on the toolbar or navigate back to the icon in the upper right and select stop.

Annotate tool bar with red box around red stop logo
Screencastify menu with a box around the red stop logo


Watch the videos below to learn more about starting and ending a Screencastify Recording!

Youtube video thumbnail of Begin a Recording video
Youtube video thumnail of Ending a Recording video


Need help?

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