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The Power of MiCollab
Abigail Pagryzinski
MiCollab logo

MiCollab is a website that connects your desk phone to your computer, hosts our staff directory, gives access to missed calls and voicemails on the go, and shows the current statuses of contacts. Learn more about MiCollab today!

How to Access MiCollab

In the Staff Portal, search for MiCollab.

Micollab search in the Staff Portal

Once in the MiCollab website, type in your CCS username and password, then login.

Login screen to MiCollab

On the home screen, navigation is on the left, recent calls are in the middle, and a customizable area where favorite contacts and groups can be added is on the right.

MiCollab Home Screen

Tip - Right-click on the MiCollab tab and select Pin to keep this tab open while working on Chrome!

Right click tab menu with Pin highlighted

Staff Directory

MiCollab hosts a directory for all of our CCS staff! In the top middle, start typing a staff member's name to find their contact card.

sample contact card on Micollab

The contact card will show their extension, their current status, their job title, and a picture (if added). 

Voicemail on the go

Access voicemail messages anywhere! On the Micollab homepage, select Voicemail from the left navigation.

Navigation Bar with Voicemail highlighted

Enter in the voicemail PIN, then select Verify.

Voicemail PIN - Verify or Cancel pop-up box

Once on the Voicemail page, the list of voicemails will be in the center column. Select one and it will pop up in the right column where you can play, call back, or delete it! Please note that deleting the voicemail on MiCollab will delete the voicemail off of your phone, too.

Voicemail options - play, delete, or call back

Checking Missed Calls

On the left-hand navigation, select Call History. On this page, select the arrow with a bend in it to see any missed calls.

Call History tab on MiCollab

Set a Status

MiCollab allows users to set a status so other contacts will know if they are available or busy. To set a status, select Settings on the left-hand navigation, then Manage Status

Settings, Manage Status, Do Not Disturb, Gone for the Day, In a Meeting, In the Office

There are four pre-loaded statuses. Do not disturb sends all calls directly to voicemail, which is a good option if a user needs to avoid phone call interruption. The other listed statuses do not change any call settings but tell other contacts if a user is available. 

All the pre-loaded statuses can be edited by selecting them. A user can add a different status by selecting the three dots in the upper-right corner.

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