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Creating a Custom Report in SDM
Becky Barker

Creating custom reports in School Dismissal Manager is a great way to inform staff of the dismissal plans for students. After you have initially set up the report, the staff you have selected can be alerted automatically through email.

Complete Guide

You can create custom exception reports in SDM and have them automatically emailed to those who need them. For example, you could create a custom report of ESE exceptions and have it emailed automatically to your site supervisor each day at your cutoff time.

Log into SDM

Select Reports from the main menu

Select Add Report

Create the report

  1. Give your report a name
  2. Select Exceptions Only, Exceptions and Defaults, or Defaults Only
  3. Select how exceptions will be sorted (if included)
  4. Select how defaults will be sorted (if included)
  5. Optional: Select the teachers to be included in the report
  6. Optional: Select the dismissal option to be included in the report
  7. Optional: Select the grade levels to be included in the report

Edit the report settings

  1. Check the boxes as needed
  2. Optional: enter an email address. We recommend leaving this blank at first, and going back to edit the report to add the email, after you’ve saved and tested.
  3. Select if the report is to be emailed, or for view only
  4. Enter the time the report should be run
  5. Select Add New Report to save

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