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Canvas New Quizzes - Transition Timeline
Kate Masterson

New Quizzes in Canvas

New Quizzes will become the only quizzing engine within Canvas by summer 2023, according to the current timeline. To prepare for this transition, there are several things you can do to get ready.

Check Out What’s New with New Quizzes

Enable New Quizzes in Your Courses

  • Go to Settings > Feature Previews > Select Enabled for New Quizzes
  • Repeat for any additional courses
  • New Quizzes will be turned on for all CCS courses over winter break

Create a New Quiz

Migrate Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes

  • How do I migrate a Canvas Quiz to New Quizzes?
  • You may wish to create a backup version of your Classic Quiz first, before migrating
    • After migration to New Quizzes, multiple dropdown questions display as matching questions
    • Question banks cannot be imported into New Quizzes as item banks. However, you can import questions manually into an item bank by exporting a Canvas quiz (this will be addressed by the end of Phase 1)
    • When a classic quiz is migrated to New Quizzes, question groups import as item bank questions. However, the questions in the question groups are stored in the quiz and are not added as an item bank. All quiz questions in the group are displayed in the quiz preview

Key Dates

Phase 1 - December 2021

  • Bulk migrations of Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes will be available at the course level
  • Migration will also include Question Banks to Item Banks
  • Public APIs will be made available to allow third-party tools to work to integrate with New Quizzes

Phase 2 - July 2022

  • New Quizzes on for all courses - March 2022
  • Classic Quizzes can no longer be created (they can still be assigned and taken) - July 2022

Phase 3 - June 2023 June 2024

  • Classic Quizzes can no longer be edited, assigned, or taken



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