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Kate Masterson

Phishing Prevention Training Update

We conduct regular phishing simulations as a part of our phishing prevention training. Linked below are the stats for the most recent campaigns. While the numbers are moving in the right direction, we want to see many more users reporting suspected phishing, not simply deleting them. You never know when showing up on the list of having reported a phishing campaign might result in a prize showing up on your desk.

Phishing Prevention Training Update

How to report suspected phishing


Only the Emails You Want

Or at least more of the ones you want, and fewer of the ones you don't. With ever changing algorithms to determine if email is spam/junk/phishing, you may find that some emails you expect to see in your inbox are getting flagged as junk, and some that are junk may even make it to your inbox. You can help the algorithm learn which emails are important and which are clutter by following the steps in the documents linked below.


Email Best Practices

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