Tech Drop

Happy New Year!
Kate Masterson

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a restful and relaxing break. Just a few little Canvas reminders and goodies as we start the new year.

Canvas Reminders

We've seen quite a few tickets come in for teachers requesting sandbox courses in Canvas as well as for wanting to get access for their student teachers.

Requesting Sandbox Courses

Remember that can request a new course at any time from the link in the Canvas help menu, in the Step 1 Module of the Canvas PD course, or in the Canvas folder in the Kayako Knowledgebase. It's an automated process, so you should have your new course in about 30 minutes. The system scans for duplicate course names and does not make a course if one already exists with the same name, so consider adding the year to the end of your course name so the system doesn't skip your request.

Access for Student Teachers

While you can't add student teachers directly to your Canvas courses, we do have some options for student teacher technology access.

Semester 2 Checklist

Canvas Update

You can now hop into student view using the glasses icon that you'll see in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A nice little time saver when you want to preview your course as a student - and a great thing to do before students come back tomorrow!

Canvas Student View Icon


Need help?

Need some additional technology help? Check out the links below.