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NEW Annotate Tool in Google Slides
Abigail Pagryzinski
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Google has added a new pen tool in Google Slides, allowing users to annotate their slides in presentation mode. Consider using this new feature to:

  • Work out a problem in class
  • Record group discussion
  • Annotate a poem or novel excerpt
  • Add emphasis to an area on a slide

To use the pen, select the Slideshow button to put the slides in presentation mode, or change the end of the URL from "edit" to "present."

Slideshow button with red box around it
URL with red box around edit
url with present in a red box

In the bottom left corner, select the three-dot menu, then Turn on the pen. Users can choose to use the keyboard shortcut Shift + L. 

Three-dot menu, turn on the pen

When the pen is turned on, navigate back to the bottom left corner to change the pen color (1), turn the pen off (1), or erase (2). Markings "stick" to the current slide - the next slide will be free from annotations until a user decides to add some! If the user navigates back to the annotated slide, the markings will still be there.

Pen menu

Check out this quick screen recording to learn more!


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