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Presentations in Canva
Abigail Pagryzinski
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Canva is great for creating graphics and posters, but it can also be used to create presentations! Consider using a Canva Presentation for a lesson, staff meeting, or demonstration. This is a great alternative to Google Slides or PowerPoint. 


To create a presentation, navigate to Canva either through the Staff Portal, then sign-in with Google with a CCS account.

Canva tile in Staff Portal

Once logged in, select Create a Design in the upper right, then select Presentation.

Create a Design > Presentation


Use keywords to search the templates. For example content words such as math, or meet the teacher, or design terms such as pastels, or simple. 

Simple keyword search in presentation templates


Select the desired template, then Apply all (number) pages.

Apply all 14 pages


Edit the design by changing background colors, editing the font style, or adding in additional graphics and photos

When ready to present, select Present on the top bar. Alternatively, select Share and find present in that menu. 

Present button
Share > Present


Level Up Your Tech - Explore the Magic Keyboard Shortcuts while presenting to add in Confetti, a Curtain Call, or a Mic Drop!

Magic Shortcuts Menu


Canva Help Guide - Presenting Your Design

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