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Security Updates for 2021 - Google & Zoom
Kate Masterson


Google will be applying a security update to non-native files (PDF, image, video, etc.) stored in Drive that have been shared publicly on the web.

  • This update does not apply to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • This update does not apply to non-native files that have been shared with individuals or groups
  • The update has already been applied to files, but the links posted externally to those files may no longer work after September 13, 2021
  • Users with affected files will be notified by an email from Google on or after July 26, 2021 and a banner will appear at the top of their Google Drive
  • The link to these files will change, so any publicly posted links will break unless the link is updated
    • To get the updated link, open the file, select Share and make sure the phrase resourcekey= appears in the URL
    • ResourceKey
    • Replace any links to the document that you've posted online, in Canvas, etc. with the new link
  • Most of the affected files were created prior to 2018
  • Further details are available in this support article

How to see which files are affected

Log into Drive and look for a banner across the top. Select See files.

Google Drive banner

If you don't see the banner, or dismissed it, you can search for all files that have the security update applied by searching for: ‘is:security_update_applied’




Student Authentication for Zoom

  • Starting on August 2, 2021, Zoom will default to only allowing authenticated users to join meetings. An authenticated user is either a CCS staff member using their CCS Zoom account or a student who is prompted to sign into the CCS portal before joining the meeting. 
  • This does not create a Zoom account for students but will reroute them through the CCS portal before they are able to join a meeting. Student names will automatically be set and students will not be able to change them once in the meeting. 
  • To include meeting participants who are outside of the CCS domain, you will need to turn the “Only authenticated users can join meetings” setting off when creating your meeting.

Student Login Experience

When students attempt to join a Zoom meeting, they will receive a prompt that this meeting is only for authorized attendees. They can click Sign In to Join to continue.

Zoom student login experience

They will then be redirected to a web browser to sign in to the CCS portal. After signing in, they will be joined into the meeting with the correct name and email address. 

Zoom Updates for 2021-22

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