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What is Screencastify Submit?
Abigail Pagryzinski

Screencastify Submit is a fast, secure, and easy way for users to record and submit video assignments.

Use Screencastify Submit for:

  • An entry ticket or meeting question to get the conversation started
  • "Getting to know you" videos
  • Performances - poetry reading, musical performance, acting
  • Demonstrating a new language
  • Completing a problem and explaining the process

How to Create a Screencastify Submit Assignment

Select the Screencastify Extension in Google Chrome, then the three line menu. Select Submit. 

Screencastify Extension more menu with a red box around Submit


Select New Topic.

Red box around new topic


Select the recording type.

Student recording types


Add the assignment details, including the Title and the Instructions. 

Assignment details box


In Additional Settings, select the following:

  • Link Access: Anyone in my organization.
  • Video Privacy: Decide if participants can view all submitted videos, their own video, or no videos.
  • Email Notifications: Toggle on or off to receive a notification when a video is submitted.
Additional Settings box


Share the assignment link in a Canvas course.

Your assignment is live box


Additional Resources:

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