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Zoom Best Practices
Kate Masterson

We love seeing how teachers and students are able to connect during virtual learning using Zoom! 

To help keep Zoom conferences a safe and positive experience for your students, here are some settings that we've put in place for you, as well as ones you can toggle on and off. 

  1. Do share the link to your meeting within your Canvas course
  2. Don't post the link to your meeting on social media or anywhere publicly available on the web
  3. Don't enable 'Join Before Host' - you don't want students in your meeting before you get there - this setting is forced off for CCS Zoom accounts
  4. Do enable the Waiting Room feature - this allows you to grant permission to those who request to join
  5. Do consider locking your meeting once all participants arrive to prevent anyone else from joining
  6. Don't turn on the ability for participants to share their screens until all participants have joined and you've locked your meeting
  7. Don't post pictures or screenshots of your Zoom meeting that show student names

Even the tech team has enjoyed connecting via Zoom, so we are excited for you to continue to use this tool to safely and successfully connect with students. 

Happy Zooming!

CCS Tech Team on a Zoom call

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