Carmel Clay Schools owns and operates its own fleet of 188 school buses. Bus capacities range from 10 passengers to 84 passengers. Transportation service is available to all eligible Carmel Clay School students who live within the school district. 

Follow the Transportation Department on Twitter at @myCCSBus for general transportation information and alerts if there is a delay with your bus. Alerts regarding a specific bus will be listed as #ccsbus and the bus number. Example: #ccsbus200. Connect with the Transportation Department on Facebook


Bus Routing

Carmel Clay Schools employs an automated bus routing system. VersaTrans, the system from Tyler Technologies Inc., automates many functions previously performed manually. Student data is downloaded from the mainframe Student Database to the VersaTrans server and processed to update the VersaTrans student file. Addresses are matched to a map of the district and students are assigned to bus stops. Student stop assignments are displayed on a parent's and student's PowerSchool Portal accounts under Transportation. Stop assignments are made automatically approximately 24 hours after a student's residence is established in the mainframe student database.

Bus Guidelines

General Routing Guidelines

Carmel Clay Schools provides transportation services for all eligible students. Students are generally eligible for transportation if they live within the attendance boundary for their assigned school.

Special Needs Students

Transportation is provided to students with special needs in accordance with Federal, State and Board of Education laws, rules, and regulations for service. Specialized transportation services will be determined as part of the students Individualized Education Plan process.

Stop Assignment

Students will receive bus assignments prior to the start of school each year or upon registration during the school year. Bus stop information can be found on the Carmel Clay Schools website by logging in to the student's or parent's PowerSchool Portal account under the Transportation block. Students are assigned to bus stops by the Transportation department. Stops will only be assigned after student information has been entered in the school database or updated and has subsequently been received by the Transportation office. Students may be required to walk up to one half mile to their bus stop. Stop locations are based on location of students served by the stop and physical conditions of the geographic area being served. Students must get on and off the bus at their assigned stop only. In certain cases, students can request to ride home on a bus other than their assigned bus, provided they have written permission from their parents/guardian and approved by their home school subject to available seat(s). Students must be at their assigned stop location five (5) minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Stop locations may change periodically based on the student population and demographics and physical conditions of the area served.

CCS Transportation Policy

Transportation Form

Please submit the Transportation Service Form to provide the following information:

  • Your student does not need transportation

  • Your student has a second pick-up and/or drop off address.

  • You have other questions or concerns regarding your student’s transportation.

Bus Safety Tips


  1. Never cross close to the front of the bus – make sure the driver can see you.
  2. Never pick up anything you drop close to or under the bus – ask the driver what to do.
  3. Never run after a bus or bang on the side.
  4. If you must cross the street in front of the bus, follow the driver’s directions, and stop and look before you cross.
  5. Never run across a street, it’s better to miss the bus than rush and risk being hit by a car.
  6. Stay away from the rear and sides of the bus – always be in a safe place where the driver can see you.


  1. Never pass a school bus when its stop lights are flashing.
  2. Be extra vigilant around school hours – assume a child might run out at any moment.
  3. Be courteous to school buses, give them room and let them change lanes when they need to.