Traffic Patterns

Individual student dismissal information is stored in the School Dismissal Manager program. The school will follow the noted instructions that families have set up as their default, unless a change is made via the School Dismissal Manager website or app. Changes must be made in the app before 1:30pm.

SRE Traffic Patterns

Walkers & Bikers

Morning Arrivals

  • Students should utilize sidewalks/paths and crosswalks.
  • Students will gather at the northside doors (4 and 5) until invited to enter the building by the staff. 

  • Walker/Biker students who wish to purchase breakfast will be let into the building just a little before 7:35; remaining students will be let into the building between 7:35-7:40.

Afternoon Dismissals

  • Students will be released from Doors 4 and 5 after buses have been released.

  • Students should utilize sidewalks/paths and crosswalks.


Morning Arrivals

  • Students may be dropped off at Door 9 starting at 7:15 am.

  • Please pull forward to the front of the line or directly behind the next vehicle.

  • Students should be ready to exit the car when the vehicle comes to a stop.

  • Students must exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.

  • Students should only be released from their vehicle within the “drop off area," which is clearly marked by two traffic cones.  

  • Parents should not get out of their vehicle for any reason.

  • Please do not pass or go around cars unless instructed to do so by staff.

  • Students arriving into the parking lot after 7:40 am are considered tardy. If your car enters the lot after 7:40, do not get into the carpool line. Parents should park in the main parking lot (front of the building) and walk students into the main office. 

Afternoon Dismissals

  • Parents may arrive for dismissal at 2:20 pm in the front parking lot.

  • Drivers should form a single file line and shut off engines while waiting (follow red arrows).

  • Do not pass or go around cars unless instructed to do so.   

  • When cars are released, all drivers should pull forward as far as possible.

  • Drivers should put their vehicles in the park position when students are loading into vehicles.