Extracurricular Activities

Student Clubs

Drama Club

Smoky Row Drama Club was created for students who love to act, speak and sing. Drama provides students interested in developing their creative artistic ability the opportunity to shine on stage. This year, we produced the musical Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Sponsor: Mrs. David

the cast of beauty and the beast

Green Team

Our Smoky Row Green Team is made up of fourth and fifth grade students. We meet monthly to learn about environmental issues and try to make other students aware of them.

Sponsor: Mrs. Summers

Green Team Website

green team members sort plastic lids for their collections

Math Pentathlon

Mathematics Pentathlon is a K-7 grade program of engaging and interactive problem-solving games with supportive curricular and instructional activities and assessment tools that motivate ALL students to enjoy math and spend more time learning math. This program strengthens basic math concepts and skills, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills.

Smoky Row currently has three divisions of Math Pentathlon: K-1, 2-3 and 4-5.

students concentrate playing a math game

Orff Ensemble

The Smoky Row Orff Ensemble is an after-school group of fifth graders that meets once a week in the music room with Mr. Southard. They play musical pieces and add improvisation and movement. They perform six times throughout the year and take part in the Indiana Music Educators Association Orff Festival in March, where they have received Highly Advanced ratings each year that they have participated. In 2016, they were nationally recognized by the American Orff Schulwerk Association for their performance of an original composition.

Director: Mr. Southard

Mr. Southard and the fifth grade orff students


Pups Running

Pups Running is an activity offered for fourth and fifth graders to generate an interest in running and fitness in an encouraging environment. With fall cross country and spring track seasons, there is a focus on developing positive character qualities in students as they train for and compete in running events.

Coach: Mrs. Johnson

a group of fourth grade girls starts the cross country race


SRE5 News

Our SRE5 Broadcast Team is made up of fifth graders who keep Rockets up to date on everything, from important announcements all the way to the current weather. They read the daily announcements and run behind-the-scenes technology to provide up-to-date information about what is going on at Smoky Row.

Student Council

Student Council is comprised of elected fourth and fifth grade students from each classroom. The group focuses on leadership and volunteerism at Smoky Row and in the community. All fundraising events organized by Student Council directly benefit places of need in Hamilton County.

Sponsor: Mrs. Comparato

Sponsor: Ms. Pickett

student council representatives smile with canned food drive donations

Leadership Teams

Kindness Crew

The Kindness Crew consists of kind-hearted K-2nd graders seeking to be leaders by spreading kindness each morning, at recess and in the cafeteria. Our theme this year is “Kindness is a muscle; gotta use it every day.”

Sponsor: Mrs. Scott

Sponsor: Mrs. Trenshaw

members of the kindness crew smile with signs of encouragement

New Student Mentors

The New Student Mentors' mission is to welcome new students to SRE.  We proactively greet students upon their arrival, take them on a tour of the building, check in with them at lunch and recess and host welcome events every semester. This leadership team is committed to helping all new rockets feel like part of our SRE family!

Sponsors: Third Grade

Teacher Helpers

The Teacher Helpers Leadership Crew is here to support all staff at SRE! Our goal is to help teachers with small tasks and to be their “go-to students” when they need a helping hand. Our most popular request from teachers is helping to keep classrooms organized and tidy by sharpening pencils, cleaning desks and counter tops, as well as picking up trash and materials! The most important part of our job is that we are sneaky and fast! We get right to work so we can help as many teachers as we can! WE LOVE OUR SRE TEACHERS!

Sponsor: Miss Kramer

members of the teachers helpers team smile with cleaning supplies


Upstanders are committed to helping students notice when peers are alone. We encourage student to start with hello. The upstanders have created buttons to wear, classroom door hangers and cards to share with their classmates. They are speaking to classes to share with younger peers what they have learned and to encourage students to include others and be kind!

Sponsor: Mrs. David

Sponsor: Mrs. Moore

mrs david and mrs moore smile in their kindness matters shirts

Enrichment Clubs

Blanket Making

The Blanket Club consists of creative fourth and fifth graders who, over the course of the club meetings, learn how to create their very own fleece blankets.

Sponsor: Mrs. Summers

student uses scissors to cut her fleece to create her fleece blanket

Book Club

Our Book Club members are enjoying reading great books! Each week at our club meeting, we check in on reading and have great discussions about the reading. We then do fun activities and crafts centered around the books to enrich our experience!

Sponsor: Mrs. Satkoski

Coding Club

Our Coding Club provides students the opportunity to further explore the world of coding. Students try new coding websites and learn to create something new...online!

Sponsor: Mrs. Finney

coding club members

Cooking Club

Students meet weekly to show off their creativity in the kitchen! 

Sponsor: Mrs. Jay

three girls create dessert during cooking club

Craft Club

Students in Craft Club get creative with Mrs. David and Mrs. Vandegriff weekly to create many different crafts. This year, they've enjoyed making slime, finger painting, creating designs with perler beads, making cards and making finger puppets!

Sponsor: Mrs. David

Sponsor: Mrs. Vandegriff

craft club members

Flag Football

Fit & Fun Club

The purpose of this club is to motivate students to be healthy and to get up and move while having fun!  Each week we look at different ways to get active with dances, games and other fun exercises!

Sponsor: Mrs. Moore

Sponsor: Mrs. Silvius

students laugh as they run in the gym during fit and fun club

Makerspace Club

Our Makerspace Club has three goals: spend time creating, act as leaders and classroom liaisons for appropriate Makerspace use and of course, have fun!

Sponsor: Mrs. Finney

makerspace club


Reuse & Repurpose Club

The Re-use And Re-Purpose On Purpose Club (RARPOP) meets after school to create usable items from previously used materials which would have ended up in a landfill.

We make items such as tissue paper flowers, colorful round rugs from old t-shirts, bird feeders from water bottles, gift boxes and ear bud holders from old medicine bottles and fidget kickers to go around the legs of desk chairs for students to bounce their feet on when they need movement!  We also learned ways to make roses from cardboard egg cartons and gift card holders from file folders.

Sponsor: Mrs. Spatafore

reuse and repurpose club members



Ukelele Club

The SRE Ukulele Club met for six weeks in the spring. The students built, painted and tuned their ukuleles. At their last meeting, they learned how to play a few simple chords! 

Sponsor: Mr. Southard

ukelele club members smile with their finished products


Academic Competition Teams

Math Bowl

Our Math Bowl team represents SRE at the district-wide competition in February. Our scores are compared to other schools across the state to determine the statewide results!  During the competition, teams of students work together to complete higher-level math problems in a timed environment.

In 2019, the team earned a second place finish during the February competition! 

Coach: Mrs. Summers

Coach: Mrs. Miller

SRE's math bowl team

Spell Bowl

Our SRE Spell Bowl Team is comprised of fourth and fifth graders who represent our school at the district-wide competition in November. Our scores are compared to other schools across the state to determine the statewide results! Smoky Row won the District Championship, as well as the State Championship, three consecutive years: 2016-2018.

Coach: Miss Cannady

Coach: Mrs. Miller

2018 spell bowl team smiles with dr beresford at the school board recognition