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Carmel Clay Schools Launches Knowledge-Building Elementary Literacy Curriculum 

Carmel Clay Schools Launches Knowledge-Building Elementary Literacy Curriculum 

  • Teaches literacy skills and strategies while fostering knowledge-building
  • Taught in combination with Fundations (K-3 foundational skills) and Geodes (K-2 decodable texts that align with Wit & Wisdom content) to create a comprehensive literacy curriculum aligned with research-based literacy instruction. 
  • Aligned with the new Indiana Academic English Language Arts Standards and the research base known as the Science of Reading
  • Included on the Indiana Department of Education’s High-Quality Curriculum Advisory List for K-5 Reading. 
  • Provides all learners with access to high-quality, rigorous, grade-level texts and topics. Supports a wide range of learners, including multilingual learners, striving readers, and high-ability students.  
  • Student and family materials support students’ learning in and outside the classroom.  

Reading research tells us that students develop literacy skills most effectively in the context of coherent, rigorous, and content-rich texts.  

Informed by the science of reading, Wit & Wisdom is Carmel Clay Schools new, comprehensive, standards-based K-5 curriculum that helps students build reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and language skills. At the same time, they deepen their knowledge of science, history, art, and more. Wit & Wisdom students read and study award-winning fiction and nonfiction texts, famous works of art, videos, photographs, and more. These texts awaken and expand students’ curiosity. Wit & Wisdom students also learn about compelling topics such as the five senses, outer space, the American Revolution, and more. Through their work with these topics and texts, students hone their abilities to read challenging texts and to write and speak clearly, logically, and effectively. Wit & Wisdom helps students build rich layers of knowledge while building reading skills by providing a framework for inquiry and strategically revisiting essential topics throughout the curriculum. When students bring their prior knowledge to a challenging new text, they use it to tackle new vocabulary, make meaning of what they’re reading, and critically analyze more advanced texts. 

With Wit & Wisdom, students engage in productive struggle, and all learners are empowered to tackle the rigor of grade-level content with confidence and joy!  

Wit & Wisdom Curriculum Overview for Families: https://greatminds.org/english/witwisdom/family-engagement 

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