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Dr. Jennifer Greene & Mr. Steven Pelych Named District V Principals of the Year

Carmel Clay Schools is thrilled to announce that Dr. Jennifer Greene and Mr. Steven Pelych have been named the District V Principals of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP). Dr. Greene has been honored as the top elementary principal, while Mr. Pelych has been recognized as the leading middle school principal in District V.

The IASP annually recognizes outstanding school leaders who are selected by their peers for their exceptional contributions and dedication to their schools and communities. Indiana is divided into 12 districts, with District V encompassing all of Hamilton County and its neighboring counties. Carmel Clay Schools is proud to have two of its principals honored with this prestigious award.

Dr. Jennifer Greene, an exemplary leader in elementary education, is celebrated for her commitment to creating a nurturing and effective learning environment. Her dedication to the staff, students, and families of Mohawk Trails Elementary, exemplifies the best in educational leadership.

Mr. Steven Pelych, the esteemed Creekside Middle School principal, is renowned for his innovative leadership and unwavering dedication to student success. His contributions have significantly enhanced the educational experience for middle school students in our district.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Beresford expressed heartfelt congratulations to both leaders, stating, "We are incredibly proud of Dr. Greene and Mr. Pelych. Their dedication, passion, and leadership inspire us all. This recognition by their peers is a testament to their hard work and the positive impact they have on our students and staff."

The Indiana Association of School Principals is a not-for-profit, professional association serving over 2,900 building-level administrators in Indiana. The IASP provides resources, professional development, and advocacy to support the educational leaders of Indiana's schools.