Traffic Patterns

TME Traffic Patterns

Morning Arrivals


Students may be dropped off at Door 1 beginning at 7:15 am. Please have students exit the car on the passenger side when instructed. Parents should not get out of the car. Please do not pass or go around cars.

Students arriving after 7:40 am are tardy. Parents should park in the main parking lot and walk students into the office. 


Students should use the path from Kings Mill to our school. Please stay on the sidewalks. Walkers and bikers will meet outside of Door 5 and will be let into the building at 7:35 am. Students will not be allowed into the building early. If the buses have been dismissed, students need to walk around to Door 1.

Afternoon Dismissals


Parents may arrive for dismissal at 2:15 pm in the front parking lot. Drivers should form two lines and shut off engines while waiting. Drivers will be released by school staff to drive around to the side of the building in a single file line.  All drivers must have a car tag issued by the school at the ice cream social. Students will get into their cars at an assigned number. Please do not pass or go around cars unless instructed to do so.   


Students will be released together by a staff member. Adults waiting for students should wait on the path behind the parking lot. 

Walking & Biking Permission Forms

Walking and biking to school is a wonderful way to get some activity, but it also comes with much responsibility. In order for a student to walk or bike to school, a form must be signed by both the student and parent.

Biker Permit Form

Walker Permit Form

Safety Rules and Procedures

  1. Students who live in Kings Mill neighborhood may walk or bike to school without a parent as long as the school has a signed permit. Do not park in Kings Mill to drop off other students. 

  2. Students from other neighborhoods must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  3. Walkers and bikers must remain on the path and sidewalk at all times. Students may not cut through the parking lot.

  4. Bikers must wear helmets at all times.

  5. Walkers and bikers will meet outside of door 5 and will be let into the building at 7:45.  They will not be allowed into the building early.

  6. If a walker or biker is late, he or she must use the sidewalk to enter through Door 1 and check in at the office.

  7. Parents and students should identify the safest route for the student to travel through the neighborhood to school and home.

  8. In case of inclement weather, please have an alternate plan in place. Please be sure to make any changes through School Dismissal Manager. Remember, all changes need to be made by 1:30 pm. If no change is made, the student will continue to walk or bike home. 

  9. Any damage or loss of property due to parking the bike on school property is not the responsibility of Towne Meadow Elementary.