help our PTE students dine safely

and comfortably!


We need parents just like you to help us in the cafeteria during lunch time.  As a cafeteria helper, you will help the children find a seat, open their lunch items, get all the extras (think parmesan cheese, ketchup, napkins, and utensils!), and maintain PTE lunch room standards!  ...all while getting to socialize with your kiddos and their friends. (We all love seeing your FB and Instagram selfies!)

This is a great way to help out in the school, get to know all of your child's classmates, and interact with the staff at PTE.  

Yes, I want to help!



we need your help

HELP students access valuable books and resources!


Want to see your child during the day and learn more about books? Find out how you can help in the PTE Media Center.

Send an email to Adrienne Hoagland at bahoagland@sbcglobal.net or ptemediacenter@gmail.com OR Denise Dragash at ddragash@ccs.k12.in.us for more information.

Yes, I want to HELP!

Interested in volunteering at school or attending a field trip?

A person who seeks to volunteer in any capacity within Carmel Clay Schools, or visit a classroom or lunchroom during school hours, will be subject to a National Volunteer Background Check prior to being allowed to volunteer or visit a school without direct supervision during the school day.  A National Volunteer Background Check must be completed every three years. The fee for the background check will be paid by the volunteer/visitor. If you have multiple students who attend multiple schools in Carmel, you only need one criminal background check. Your student's school administration will be contacted when the criminal background report is complete.

********$15.95 Fee Applies. However, please understand that if you have lived outside of Hamilton County or the state of Indiana, there may be additional costs associated with the background request.  Additional fees may apply dependent upon applicant address history, and verification of potential criminal history information for the volunteer and/or court access fees.  SafeVisitor Solutions/SafeHiring Solutions will reach out to you via email with request for additional funds if applicable.

Please note:  If an individual is arrested during the time frame of their approved status, the charges will be evaluated and cross-referenced with our background check approval list to determine if they are still eligible to volunteer within Carmel Clay Schools.

Criminal History Background Check

As part of the background check process, you will be required to view a short anti-bullying video. After viewing the video, please check the box to indicate that you have completed this step.

If you have questions about this process, please contact David Woodward

Thank you in advance for helping keep our schools safe!

CCS Board Volunteer Policy

When volunteering, please find alternative care for younger children.