West Clay Elementary is the eleventh elementary school in the Carmel Clay School system. This school opened in August 2006.  Carmel’s newest Elementary School No. 11 shares a 166 acre site with Creekside Middle School and College Wood Elementary School. A nature lab is also part of this campus and is utilized for planned learning activities.  

West Clay Elementary is organized into learning teams of four-six classroom groups. The classrooms surround extended learning centers to support multi-classroom activities. These classroom groups are arranged in a continuous ring around the building de-emphasizing grade separations. Additionally, a courtyard provides an area which supports learning activities of the various grade levels.

The curriculum and time allotments meet local corporation standards and exceed state requirements.  Incorporated into the types of experiences offered to the students are:  comprehensive literacy approach, Everyday Mathematics, cooperative learning, literacy stations, collaborative planning/teaching, manipulative use, peer tutoring programs, differentiated instruction, High Ability, inclusion and Functional Academic Program for special needs, and parent/teacher/child conferences.