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Commitment to Safety: Reunification









Carmel Clay Schools is committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of students and staff through proactive measures and staff training. We recently conducted a comprehensive drill focusing on reunification procedures to ensure the safe and efficient reunification of students with parents or guardians in the event of an emergency requiring student relocation. While we hope its implementation is never needed, the district takes pride in the thorough preparation and training conducted by school safety officials.


During the recent drill, volunteers from the Clay Middle School baseball team were transported via school bus to an offsite location, simulating the need to move students to safety. Meanwhile, district staff were dispatched to gather reunification materials and report to the site. Parents, who were prepped beforehand, were notified via emergency text, calls, and emails as to where to go to reunite with their child. Running these types of drills allows our staff, including district staff, transportation, and CPD School to practice and ensure we are prepared to handle a real emergency. 

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Reunification drills are just one aspect of the district's broader emergency protocols, which are meticulously planned and practiced to ensure preparedness for any unforeseen situation. It’s important to note that the specific details of these protocols are not always disclosed publicly. This discretion is a deliberate measure to maintain the integrity of the safety plans and ensure their efficacy in real emergencies. 

If you are ever notified of an event at your student’s school that requires an offsite reunification, please remember:

  1. Communications: We will communicate as quickly as we can to ensure accurate and productive information. Keep an eye on official communication channels for updates and instructions. In an emergency, please help us keep phone lines clear.

  2. Wait for Instructions: Only report to the school or the purported reunification site once instructed by official channels. Please do not attempt to bypass instructions. Parking lots and nearby streets must remain clear for first responders. 

  3. Keep Information Updated: Keep your emergency contact information up to date on PowerSchool. Only individuals listed as guardians or emergency contacts will be permitted to pick up students during reunification. 

  4. Bring Identification: Always bring your ID when coming to reunify with your student. This helps verify your identity and ensures the safety and security of all students during the reunification process.